Metal Stamping Dies

Metal Stamping Dies

K&K provides turnkey tool services, from concept development through tool completion, using advanced technology and systems.

K & K Tool & Die designs, tests and manufactures metal stamping dies using innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions for medium to large complex tooling systems. Our manufacturing capabilities include the production of progressive dies, transfer dies, line dies and more. Customized stamping dies can be created for various applications in industries such as Automotive and Aerospace.

Line Dies
Line dies are used for low-volume parts and to manufacture large parts that cannot be efficiently manufactured in one press.

Transfer Dies
Transfer dies are used in high-volume manufacturing for round, deep-drawn, and medium-to-large parts

Die Repair
We can repair tooling as needed — preventing lost-part production, non-value-added secondary operations and late-parts delivery

Progressive Dies
Progressive dies are used in higher-volume production and are designed to operate at high rates of speed.

Part Validation
Rapid, high-accuracy measurement is a key component of the tooling manufacturing process.